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Welcome to Kami Cabs

Locally owned Kami Cabs is a major part of transportation services in Kamloops all year around.By emphasizing on quality and service Kami Cabs has been providing contractual transportation services to many local and national companies since 1973.

  • Well maintained cabs, cleaned inside, outside after every shift.
  • Regularly maintained by Red Seal Certified mechanic
  • Our cabs go through at least 6 inspections semi-annually.
  • The technologically advanced cloud-based dispatch system.
  • Increased automation through IVR and ABOP system to cut the wait time for the calls.
  • New App giving a real-time location of the cab.
  • Fleet of 34 cabs including 16 Hybrid Prius V's, 15 Corollas 3 Dodge Grand Caravans, For out of town trips, 3 Honda Odesseys and a Chevrolet express and Ford e350, 12 seater vans.

With 24 hours taxi and delivery service, our distinctive blue and white colors cabs can be spotted throughout the city. You can count on Kami Cabs excellent 24 hours service for your car break down, you vehicle needs a charge boost, you need food or liquor delivered, package or parcel delivered local or out of town.

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Car types available

Honda Odesseys

Dodge Grand Caravans


Prius Hatchback

Fare Calculations

Fare Calculator


Train and Bus Depot Taxi Transportation

Kami cabs provide 24 hours taxi transportation service to and from the Via train station and Ebus depot. Advance booking is recommended for drops off as departures are time sensitive. Day or night, rain or snow you can count on Kami cabs to help you catch a ride for your long distance destination.


Out of Town Trips

Kami Cabs is licensed to pick up from anywhere in Kamloops and drop off anywhere in BC. Call us anytime and we will provide you rough estimate for a private drive from Kamloops to Vancouver, Williams Lake, Sun Peaks, Victoria, Kelowna, Vernon etc. We offered variety of fleet of vehicles and during the winter conditions we use vans for more comfortable drive for long distance trips.



Kami Cabs is you’re most reliable and first source for pick up and delivering parcels, envelopes and small parts. Unlike other national larger delivery companies, payment can be made at the door upon pick up or delivery with exception to food and beverages. All you need is to call 250 374 9999 and provide pick and drop off address and our 24 hours on the road cabs will take care of you delivery needs within minutes.


Roadside Assistance & Jump Start

In case you vehicle breaks down or your vehicle ran out of gas you may not need to call the tow truck, just give Kami Cabs a call and provide you location with phone number and vehicle number. Our driver will give you car battery boast or drive you up to the nearest gas station to buy some gas in jerry can. If possible we will also bring gas up to your vehicle and you can pay our driver for gas plus the delivery charge.


Airport Services

You don’t have to wait for the taxi at the Kamloops airport. Book your cab in advance and Kami Cabs driver will be waiting for you upon arrival outside the terminal. Our vehicles are specially licensed for pick up at the Kamloops airport. If you need to take a ride up to Sun Peaks resort or to any town in BC just call us in advance and then you trust Kami Cabs to help you reach your destination.



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